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About Me

My name is Deb Mason. I’ve been an E.C.E. for over 25 years, have worked with kids of all ages, including physically and mentally challenged children. I have been both front-line and management. Here’s a brief outline of my experiences:

  • E.C.E. in various daycare centres for fourteen years
  • Home daycare provider (at home with my own kids and taking in others) for six years
  • Ran a birthday party service on weekends for a couple of years
  • French teacher in a private school for a year
  • Residential house-parent working with physically and mentally challenged children for two years
  • Ran a weekly moms-and-tots playgroup in a church basement for four years while doing my home daycare
  • Teacher/manager of a French immersion preschool program for four years

I’m particularly proud of the French immersion preschool program, where I had to use my whole range of skills to set up the curriculum and create games and songs etc appropriate to introduce French to preschoolers.

About this site

Why did I start this website? I’m nearing the end of full-time career in the field (I’m subbing now) and I felt it was time for me to pass on the skills and tricks I’ve learned over the years. I’ve been the E.C.E. at 8:00 in the morning, going to work, thinking I don’t have any programming ideas for the day. I’ve been a home daycare provider looking out the window at the rain and wondering what to do with the kids. “Back in my day” we didn’t have instant sources of information on the internet. I’m hoping to make this website the place I would have wished for back then.

My goal for this website is to have “one-stop shopping”. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, home daycare provider or working in a center, you should find helpful tips and program ideas — things to do that are simple, do not require extensive supplies, and are fun and educational for the kids.

Please let me know how I’m doing by leaving comments on any of the articles. I’d like to know which things you found most helpful or what you’d like to see more of.

Deb Mason, E.C.E., B.A., C.E.A.