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Art Tips for Toddlers

I just finished a few weeks in a toddler room and it reminded me how frustrating it can be to accommodate  little messy hands during craft and sensory activities. Here are some tips to minimize the mess and destruction:

  • always use washable markers, paint and glue
  • make sure everything is non-toxic and can be ingested safely
  • tape the paper to the table so it is non-slip
  • put small amounts of paint and glue in containers to minimize the mess when spills happen
  • put towels on the table and floor for water play and use green garbage bags to cover the children’s clothes or, if it is warm enough, strip them down to their diapers
  • tie the crayons to the table so they can’t be dragged around and lost
  • never use food for sensory experiences unless you are sure of allergies in your center
  • never use styrofoam products!! They cannot be seen by xray and if ingested ¬†can swell up in the windpipe
  • limit an activity to only a few children at a time so they can be properly supervised. This is also a learning opportunity in taking turns
  • try to have a wash up bin close by so you don’t have to take the children to the washroom for hand cleaning

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