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Baby Animals on the farm song

Spring has sprung!! Let’s talk to the children about what is happening in nature at this time of year.

Baby Farm Animals

Farm animals are familiar to preschoolers and I like to use the change of season as an excuse to teach the kids that babies are born in the spring. Start with the new vocabulary. Sing “Old MacDonald had a farm“. Now we are going to add smaller animals beside the big ones to teach baby animal names:

  • Cow – calf
  • Sheep – lamb
  • Horse – foal
  • Goat – kid (baby humans are called kids too LOL)
  • Pig – piglet
  • Duck – duckling
  • Dog – puppy
  • Cat – kitten

The song now replaces ‘cow’ with ‘calf’ and the child puts out his or her smaller plastic cow.

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