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Bird’s Nest Bin

Sensory bin with nesting materials

I like to put new and interesting things in the sensory bin. For those of you who do not work in a daycare center, a sensory bin can be made out of a large tupperware container or bucket that 2 or 3 children can access at once. I put the following items in the bin and let the children pretend to make a nest and put mommy and daddy birds,  eggs and/or chicks in it. Everything for this activity can be found at your local dollar store in the aisle where craft supplies and props are kept.

  • 2 bags of pretend moss
  • 2 bags of brown feathers
  • 2 adult bird props
  • syrofoam eggs
  • leftover easter chicks
  • peeps marshmallow chicks( I let them dry out )
  • shredded up brown paper
  • small twigs that we gathered on our spring nature walk
  • plastic bowls to use as the nests

The children will select the materials and props that they want and make their own nests. When they lose interest in the bin, you can always make a few permanent nests for displays around the house or classroom.

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  • Susan

    Some of the yellow chicks (peeps)got tasted and they kept trying to break open the eggs to fit the chicks in and too see if anything was inside. They loved the softness of the feathers and I showed them if they blow on the feathers they would fly like the birds do. I explained that all the things in the bucket are what makes up the birds nest and let them explore making their own. I did not get any pictures ..I thought of that after.
    I really enjoyed watching the children play with this activity.

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