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Birds of a feather

Kids love to manipulate objects, sort and classify things. This activity combines learning colours, matching them and making a fun craft too. (I have a previous post with a similar activity using beads). You will need multi-coloured feathers and paper plates for the first part of this activity.

  • put a different colour of feather on each plate
  • put out the remaining feathers in a pile
  • the children sort through the feathers and match the colours

Sorted Feathers

Once all of the feathers are sorted, they can begin a bird craft. I am a firm believer in process, not product. This means that even if I provide the children with a model of a craft, I never worry about the finished product. Again, your own personal or center’s philosophy of how curriculum is delivered will decide how the bird looks. For example, in an emergent center the craft leader might ask the children what they could make with the pile of feathers. If someone says “make a bird” she would ask ‘what would your bird look like?’ and ‘what materials do you need to make one?’

Below is a picture of what a finished bird might look like:

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