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Burlap Fall Wall Hanging Craft

This easy weaving activity can be kept as a permanent  fall decoration.  I’ll describe a version for school-age children first, then one adapted for preschoolers.

Burlap is used as a background to sew on various materials. The children can gather organic materials on a walk or in the yard, or you can buy artificial leaves and plastic berries from the dollar store.

Fall Wall hanging burlap

Fall wall hanging with items on burlap

Cut the burlap into squares and provide sticks or dowels as the hangers. The children use jewelry wire or other thin electrical wire to ” sew” the materials on the burlap. The fun is in the gathering and choosing what will go on it.  It is not messy at all and the result is beautiful!!!





Preschool autumn wall hanging using a placemat

Preschool version using placemat

The craft has an alternate version that I use for preschoolers whose fine motor skills are not as developed. Instead of burlap, use old place-mats or bathtub liners with big holes. Instead of wire, use pipe cleaners. The results are just as spectacular and the children are not frustrated!!

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