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Summer in the Backyard made easy (Getting Ready)

A secure, fenced- in backyard can provide hours of safe, relaxing summer fun. I have compiled a list of equipment and supplies to make your summer in the backyard easier. All of the activities I will be providing in this series will use these items . . . → Read More: Summer in the Backyard made easy (Getting Ready)

Winter Art

Here’s a few quick ideas for winter arts and crafts: Winter Day Collage Create a winter day collage using dark construction paper as the back sheet (colours like black or dark blue to contrast with the white materials). Put out white glue and sticks along with anything white, light and feathery: lace, doilies, cotton balls, confetti, tissue paper etc. for the children to glue on the paper. . . . → Read More: Winter Art

Turkey Headband

Here is really cute hat for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Above are step-by-step picture instructions for you to follow. The only thing I didn’t show was that you have to measure the bristol board headband part to the individual child’s head and close it with a stapler. If you have any questions, leave a comment. . . . → Read More: Turkey Headband

Painting with Indian Corn

This is an easy painting activity that uses harvest produce that is available in the fall. I give each child a corn cob with the stalk attached and let them create. . . . → Read More: Painting with Indian Corn

Turkey hand puppet

This craft provides a great prop for all of those turkey songs and fingerplays. All you need are some popsicle sticks, googly eyes, construction paper and dollar store feathers. . . . → Read More: Turkey hand puppet

Stand-up Woolly Sheep

Fall is a great time to visit a farm, usually associated with a pumpkin patch experience or apple picking. This is also a great opportunity to talk to the kids about farm animals. The sheep, for example, are growing warm, thick coats to prepare them for the long, cold winter ahead. . . . → Read More: Stand-up Woolly Sheep

“3D” Fall Tree

3D Fall Tree

Kids love textures and sensory experiences.  Here is a colourful tactile adventure in making an easy fall craft, in 3D! I like it because you can use materials that you already have on-hand.

Start with a paper plate, toilet paper roll and some green tissue paper Paint the roll brown or cover with brown construction . . . → Read More: “3D” Fall Tree

Summer in the backyard made easy (messy fun)

The summer is a great time to make a mess outside;  the kids can put on their bathing suits and you can just hose them and the deck down afterwards.  Think outside the box and let them explore stuff that would otherwise be off limits due to the clean-up.


Messy fun with Jello

. . . → Read More: Summer in the backyard made easy (messy fun)

Painting with condensed milk

A colleague of mine at work used condensed milk with food colouring for a painting activity. I tried it with my toddler group and it was great. The texture is sticky and goopy!! There is nothing to drip off the brush and it leaves behind a shiny, glossy picture. . . . → Read More: Painting with condensed milk

Father’s Day bookmark craft

A book is a quick and easy gift to pick up for Father’s Day, and to make it more personal, this is a homemade bookmark to go with it. . . . → Read More: Father’s Day bookmark craft