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Halloween Cooking and Baking

halloween spider muffin

It’s really close to Halloween now, here are some quick ideas of food to make with the kids that you can pull together at the last minute. Both are especially good if you are planning a halloween party. . . . → Read More: Halloween Cooking and Baking

The Kids’ Cupboard

 When my children were young, I remember a few years when they were not old enough to fend for themselves and could not reach any food in the house. I got very tired of getting up and down to fetch this snack and the other. My husband and I came up with the idea to . . . → Read More: The Kids’ Cupboard

Father’s Day breakfast in bed with placemat craft

Fathers Day is coming and everyone loves breakfast in bed. Even young children can get involved in the planning and execution of the meal. Ask the children what they think Daddy would like for breakfast and include fruits and items that they can assemble themselves. One of our family favorites is pancake faces. . . . → Read More: Father’s Day breakfast in bed with placemat craft

Worms in Dirt

This is a fun and yummy treat that the children get to make and enjoy!  Start by telling the children about how the worms come out of the ground after a rain. There are some good books about worms for you to read.

For the edible treat, all you need are some clear plastic cups, . . . → Read More: Worms in Dirt

Make your own pizza

Each child gets to make their own “kid-sized”mini-pizza using english muffins. . . . → Read More: Make your own pizza

Baking Muffins Made Easy

Children love to help in the kitchen and baking can be made easy with a bit of planning and organization. I like muffins because the ingredients are simple and most children enjoy eating them.

I only have three helpers at the table at one time, so in a large group, you will have to have . . . → Read More: Baking Muffins Made Easy