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Winter Art

Here’s a few quick ideas for winter arts and crafts: Winter Day Collage Create a winter day collage using dark construction paper as the back sheet (colours like black or dark blue to contrast with the white materials). Put out white glue and sticks along with anything white, light and feathery: lace, doilies, cotton balls, confetti, tissue paper etc. for the children to glue on the paper. . . . → Read More: Winter Art

Turkey Headband

Here is really cute hat for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Above are step-by-step picture instructions for you to follow. The only thing I didn’t show was that you have to measure the bristol board headband part to the individual child’s head and close it with a stapler. If you have any questions, leave a comment. . . . → Read More: Turkey Headband

Salt-Dough Snowman

Kids love this simple, safe activity. For you, it’s also straightforward, uses ingredients you already have on hand, and leaves little mess to clean up! 1. Mix together two cups of salt, one cup of flour… . . . → Read More: Salt-Dough Snowman