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Teddy Bear Day

February can be dull and dreary!!  Teddy Bear day is a fun way to end the month and it fits right into the hibernation theme. The children dress in their jammies and bring their favorite stuffed bears to home/daycare.  Read on for some bear themed activities:

Bear head-band template

Bear Head Bands– trace the . . . → Read More: Teddy Bear Day

Stone Soup Story Time

One of my favorite fables for young children is Stone Soup. Here is a link to a version of the story that you can read to the children. The best way to enhance this story is to have the children participate and “act-it-out.”

Gather up the food items needed, either fresh or plastic foods. Give . . . → Read More: Stone Soup Story Time

Easter Party Ideas

It is always nice to have an excuse for a party. Preschool parties do not have to be complicated or chaotic!! Start by recruting as many volunteers to man the stations and plan your activities accordingly. Here are some ideas for your Easter party:

Easter stickers Easter washable tatoos Pin the nose on the bunny(make . . . → Read More: Easter Party Ideas

Fine Arts Fridays(playing instruments)

Ok, now you have instruments but what to do with them? . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Fridays(playing instruments)

Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Children love to move their bodies to music. Since I like to follow the seasons and what is happening in nature, I gear my program accordingly. Spring is here so these are some quick ideas for you to put to music: . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Baby Animals on the farm song

Spring has sprung!! Let’s talk to the children about what is happening in nature at this time of year. Farm animals are familiar to preschoolers and I like to use the change of season as an excuse to teach the kids that babies are born in the spring. . . . → Read More: Baby Animals on the farm song

Circle Time with a classic song

“Old McDonald had a farm” is a crowd-pleaser for toddlers and preschoolers. Why not add a new twist to this old song? . . . → Read More: Circle Time with a classic song

More indoor games

…the Chair Game: Arrange chairs in an open space; one for each participating child. Each child sits on a chair to begin. The leader calls out commands and the children must follow the instructions… The “What is it?” Game: Gather some interesting household/kitchen objects into a container…Each child takes a turn reaching for an object. The leader asks “What is that? What do you think it is used for?” . . . → Read More: More indoor games