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Butterfly patterning and matching activity

I just picked up colourful, paper butterflies from the dollar store. The obvious thing to do with them is glue them on paper as a craft, but I like to expand materials and always use things to teach concepts while the children are having fun. . . . → Read More: Butterfly patterning and matching activity

Butterfly story and crafts

“Waiting for Wings” by Lois Ehlert is one of my favorite spring book for preschoolers. It explains the life cycle of the butterfly in simple terms. The illustrations are stunningly colorful. A book like this leads to all kinds of discussion around spring and what is happening in nature. The children might be inspired to make butterflies, caterpillars or flowers after hearing the story. I have some craft ideas to pair with this book. . . . → Read More: Butterfly story and crafts

Spring Nature Walk

It is always great to take young children for walks around the neighbourhood, to a local park or ravine. These walks can turn into “teachable” moments. Spring walks are a good time to observe what is happening in nature. Here are some ideas for discussion:

buds on trees and shrubs that become leaves birds nests . . . → Read More: Spring Nature Walk

Easter Egg Hunt

I have some ideas to organize your scavenger hunt and give it a little twist… . . . → Read More: Easter Egg Hunt

Toddler Crafts Made Easy

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, toddlers in home childcare settings are hard to include in crafttime activities. They like to be part of the action and are certainly aware of what is going on. I have put together some easy ways to involve the toddlers while the older kids are making their crafts.

. . . → Read More: Toddler Crafts Made Easy

Birds of a feather

Kids love to manipulate objects, sort and classify things. This activity combines learning colours, matching them and making a fun craft too. . . . → Read More: Birds of a feather

Make your own jigsaw puzzle

This craft is suitable for older preschoolers and school-age children. The children first draw a picture on a white piece of bristol board. “Good” puzzles should have different colours and lines (thicker, thinner, wavy, straight etc) to help figure out which pieces go together. . . . → Read More: Make your own jigsaw puzzle

Baby Animals on the farm song

Spring has sprung!! Let’s talk to the children about what is happening in nature at this time of year. Farm animals are familiar to preschoolers and I like to use the change of season as an excuse to teach the kids that babies are born in the spring. . . . → Read More: Baby Animals on the farm song

Grocery shopping with kids made easy

We have all been there with small children, the dreaded grocery shop! Up and down the aisles with whining, fighting over the cart seat, trying to get every treat item they can see. Here are some ways to keep the kids involved and eliminate the stress of shopping. . . . → Read More: Grocery shopping with kids made easy

More indoor games

…the Chair Game: Arrange chairs in an open space; one for each participating child. Each child sits on a chair to begin. The leader calls out commands and the children must follow the instructions… The “What is it?” Game: Gather some interesting household/kitchen objects into a container…Each child takes a turn reaching for an object. The leader asks “What is that? What do you think it is used for?” . . . → Read More: More indoor games