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Teddy Bear Day

February can be dull and dreary!!  Teddy Bear day is a fun way to end the month and it fits right into the hibernation theme. The children dress in their jammies and bring their favorite stuffed bears to home/daycare.  Read on for some bear themed activities:

Bear head-band template

Bear Head Bands– trace the . . . → Read More: Teddy Bear Day

Pipe Cleaner Weave

I was looking for materials around the room to use at quiet time, and I gathered up some different colored pipe cleaners and some plastic sewing mats. . . . → Read More: Pipe Cleaner Weave

Mask Mania

For an easy way to make beautiful masks, start with the plastic party masks that go over the child’s eyes and nose, which you should be able to find at your local dollar store (like the black one you can see in the upper left mask shown in the picture).  Gather any and all craft . . . → Read More: Mask Mania

Summer in the Backyard made easy (Getting Ready)

A secure, fenced- in backyard can provide hours of safe, relaxing summer fun. I have compiled a list of equipment and supplies to make your summer in the backyard easier. All of the activities I will be providing in this series will use these items . . . → Read More: Summer in the Backyard made easy (Getting Ready)

Stone Soup Story Time

One of my favorite fables for young children is Stone Soup. Here is a link to a version of the story that you can read to the children. The best way to enhance this story is to have the children participate and “act-it-out.”

Gather up the food items needed, either fresh or plastic foods. Give . . . → Read More: Stone Soup Story Time

Turkey Headband

Here is really cute hat for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Above are step-by-step picture instructions for you to follow. The only thing I didn’t show was that you have to measure the bristol board headband part to the individual child’s head and close it with a stapler. If you have any questions, leave a comment. . . . → Read More: Turkey Headband

Turkey hand puppet

This craft provides a great prop for all of those turkey songs and fingerplays. All you need are some popsicle sticks, googly eyes, construction paper and dollar store feathers. . . . → Read More: Turkey hand puppet

Painting with plastic insects

Children love to paint and it doesn’t always have to be with a paint brush. Depending on your theme or the time of year, you can use lots of different things as tools for painting. This activity is fun and also teaches the names of different bugs, their body parts and even what sounds they . . . → Read More: Painting with plastic insects

Bird’s Nest Bin

Sensory bin with nesting materials

I like to put new and interesting things in the sensory bin. For those of you who do not work in a daycare center, a sensory bin can be made out of a large tupperware container or bucket that 2 or 3 children can access at once. I put . . . → Read More: Bird’s Nest Bin

Water Play with Ducks

Children love to play in the water. We all know how hard it is to drag them out of the bathtub!! Why not bring the bath toys out of the tub and into a bin on the table? . . . → Read More: Water Play with Ducks