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Easter Party Ideas

It is always nice to have an excuse for a party. Preschool parties do not have to be complicated or chaotic!! Start by recruting as many volunteers to man the stations and plan your activities accordingly. Here are some ideas for your Easter party:

Easter stickers Easter washable tatoos Pin the nose on the bunny(make . . . → Read More: Easter Party Ideas

Bunny ears craft (for egg hunt)

This is a quick and easy way to make your egg hunt more fun! – using a piece of white bristol board, measure the child’s head to make a headband . . . → Read More: Bunny ears craft (for egg hunt)

Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Children love to move their bodies to music. Since I like to follow the seasons and what is happening in nature, I gear my program accordingly. Spring is here so these are some quick ideas for you to put to music: . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Fine Arts Friday (Goldilocks Play)

Children are natural performers and love to act in their own plays. I always use familiar fairy tales, poems or stories with the younger children. The first play in this series is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Friday (Goldilocks Play)

Yoga for kids

Kids love to get their bodies moving  just as much as we do! I like to make group time fun and invent stretches and movements that mimic adult yoga. This is a relaxing activity and a good time to do it is just before nap or just after.

gather the children together and encourage them . . . → Read More: Yoga for kids

Circle Time with a classic song

“Old McDonald had a farm” is a crowd-pleaser for toddlers and preschoolers. Why not add a new twist to this old song? . . . → Read More: Circle Time with a classic song

Chef Hats

Children love to dress up and role play!¬† I have always including baking and cooking in my program as a regular weekly or monthly activity. As such, each child makes and decorates a hat to wear each time. Their excitement builds as they go to the shelf to get their hats; they know it’s time . . . → Read More: Chef Hats