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Sandbox Treasure Hunting made easy

Long, cold winter days linger on and  it is sometimes hard to come up with something new to do with the kids on days when they can’t stay outside for very long.  I was rummaging around the craft’s cupboard, when I came across some fake glass gems from the dollar store. I grabbed one and buried . . . → Read More: Sandbox Treasure Hunting made easy

Mask Mania

For an easy way to make beautiful masks, start with the plastic party masks that go over the child’s eyes and nose, which you should be able to find at your local dollar store (like the black one you can see in the upper left mask shown in the picture).  Gather any and all craft . . . → Read More: Mask Mania

Summer in the Backyard made easy (Water fun)

 There is nothing better than water play on a hot summer day.  Slap bathing suits on the children, along with sunscreen and hats and you are ready to go!!!  I have some activities for the children to do in the backyard with water:

wash the bikes, trikes, little tikes vehicles wash the inside toys in . . . → Read More: Summer in the Backyard made easy (Water fun)

Summer in the Backyard made easy (Getting Ready)

A secure, fenced- in backyard can provide hours of safe, relaxing summer fun. I have compiled a list of equipment and supplies to make your summer in the backyard easier. All of the activities I will be providing in this series will use these items . . . → Read More: Summer in the Backyard made easy (Getting Ready)

Indoor “Snowball” fight

Having snowball fights in playground and school yards are prohibited, so why not pretend to have one inside? First, make two teams. Each team chooses a colour of tissue paper. Then scrunch up the paper into balls. (Don’t tell the children what the game is until the last minute. This prevents over-excitement!). Once you have everything ready, you can collectively decide the rules of the “battle.” Older children can create various barricades with chairs or toys to hide behind. . . . → Read More: Indoor “Snowball” fight

Painting with Indian Corn

This is an easy painting activity that uses harvest produce that is available in the fall. I give each child a corn cob with the stalk attached and let them create. . . . → Read More: Painting with Indian Corn

Spring Nature Walk

It is always great to take young children for walks around the neighbourhood, to a local park or ravine. These walks can turn into “teachable” moments. Spring walks are a good time to observe what is happening in nature. Here are some ideas for discussion:

buds on trees and shrubs that become leaves birds nests . . . → Read More: Spring Nature Walk

Easter Egg Hunt

I have some ideas to organize your scavenger hunt and give it a little twist… . . . → Read More: Easter Egg Hunt

Fine Arts Fridays(playing instruments)

Ok, now you have instruments but what to do with them? . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Fridays(playing instruments)

Gone with the Wind

Have you ever watched small children playing outside on a windy day? They love to run and scream, stretch their arms out as if to fly.  You can harness this energy and teach the children some simple science concepts about air at the same time.  Air is invisible, but yet it fills space and moves . . . → Read More: Gone with the Wind