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Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Children love to move their bodies to music. Since I like to follow the seasons and what is happening in nature, I gear my program accordingly. Spring is here so these are some quick ideas for you to put to music: . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Fine Arts Friday (Goldilocks Play)

Children are natural performers and love to act in their own plays. I always use familiar fairy tales, poems or stories with the younger children. The first play in this series is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Friday (Goldilocks Play)

Yoga for kids

Kids love to get their bodies movingĀ  just as much as we do! I like to make group time fun and invent stretches and movements that mimic adult yoga. This is a relaxing activity and a good time to do it is just before nap or just after.

gather the children together and encourage them . . . → Read More: Yoga for kids

More indoor games

…the Chair Game: Arrange chairs in an open space; one for each participating child. Each child sits on a chair to begin. The leader calls out commands and the children must follow the instructions… The “What is it?” Game: Gather some interesting household/kitchen objects into a container…Each child takes a turn reaching for an object. The leader asks “What is that? What do you think it is used for?” . . . → Read More: More indoor games