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Keeping kids busy on long trips

As the Canadian March Break approaches, I am reminded of the countless hours of travel that my family put in over the years. Planes, trains and automobiles with the sweet sounds of crying, whining and fighting siblings. Many years ago when my children were small, we lived a four hour plane ride from our families. A friend of mine, who travelled to Europe every summer, gave me this great idea for long plane rides (works in the car too). . . . → Read More: Keeping kids busy on long trips

Easter Party Ideas

It is always nice to have an excuse for a party. Preschool parties do not have to be complicated or chaotic!! Start by recruting as many volunteers to man the stations and plan your activities accordingly. Here are some ideas for your Easter party:

Easter stickers Easter washable tatoos Pin the nose on the bunny(make . . . → Read More: Easter Party Ideas

Field trips made easy

Field trips with small children can be nerve-wracking! It takes a lot of planning ahead to ensure a safe and successful outing. . . . → Read More: Field trips made easy

Fine Arts Fridays

Whether it was my home day care , or in daycare programs that I worked in , I always dedicated Fridays to projects in Music, Drama and Dance. The kids and I both looked forward to the end of the week!! . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Fridays

Naptime Made Easy

Naptime can be challenging for children and staff, be they in a child-care or home day care setting. What to do with non-sleepers and/or children who wake up early? This is a project solution that will require initial set-up money and on-going maintenance, but it will be worth it in the long run. . . . → Read More: Naptime Made Easy