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Sandbox Treasure Hunting made easy

Long, cold winter days linger on and  it is sometimes hard to come up with something new to do with the kids on days when they can’t stay outside for very long.  I was rummaging around the craft’s cupboard, when I came across some fake glass gems from the dollar store. I grabbed one and buried . . . → Read More: Sandbox Treasure Hunting made easy

Father’s Day bookmark craft

A book is a quick and easy gift to pick up for Father’s Day, and to make it more personal, this is a homemade bookmark to go with it. . . . → Read More: Father’s Day bookmark craft

Father’s Day “shirt and tie” card

This is a cute card for the kids to decorate for Father’s Day. . . . → Read More: Father’s Day “shirt and tie” card

Butterfly patterning and matching activity

I just picked up colourful, paper butterflies from the dollar store. The obvious thing to do with them is glue them on paper as a craft, but I like to expand materials and always use things to teach concepts while the children are having fun. . . . → Read More: Butterfly patterning and matching activity

Sticky Flower Collage

I was recently over at my inlaws looking through old things in their basement. I took some old silk flowers, and came up with a really quick way to use them to make a beautiful spring collage. . . . → Read More: Sticky Flower Collage

Painting with plastic insects

Children love to paint and it doesn’t always have to be with a paint brush. Depending on your theme or the time of year, you can use lots of different things as tools for painting. This activity is fun and also teaches the names of different bugs, their body parts and even what sounds they . . . → Read More: Painting with plastic insects

Bird’s Nest Bin

Sensory bin with nesting materials

I like to put new and interesting things in the sensory bin. For those of you who do not work in a daycare center, a sensory bin can be made out of a large tupperware container or bucket that 2 or 3 children can access at once. I put . . . → Read More: Bird’s Nest Bin

Water Play with Ducks

Children love to play in the water. We all know how hard it is to drag them out of the bathtub!! Why not bring the bath toys out of the tub and into a bin on the table? . . . → Read More: Water Play with Ducks

Butterfly story and crafts

“Waiting for Wings” by Lois Ehlert is one of my favorite spring book for preschoolers. It explains the life cycle of the butterfly in simple terms. The illustrations are stunningly colorful. A book like this leads to all kinds of discussion around spring and what is happening in nature. The children might be inspired to make butterflies, caterpillars or flowers after hearing the story. I have some craft ideas to pair with this book. . . . → Read More: Butterfly story and crafts

Spring Nature Walk

It is always great to take young children for walks around the neighbourhood, to a local park or ravine. These walks can turn into “teachable” moments. Spring walks are a good time to observe what is happening in nature. Here are some ideas for discussion:

buds on trees and shrubs that become leaves birds nests . . . → Read More: Spring Nature Walk