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Easter Party Ideas

It is always nice to have an excuse for a party. Preschool parties do not have to be complicated or chaotic!! Start by recruting as many volunteers to man the stations and plan your activities accordingly. Here are some ideas for your Easter party:

Easter stickers Easter washable tatoos Pin the nose on the bunny(make . . . → Read More: Easter Party Ideas

Coloured egg shell collage

Easter is almost here and eggs are a big part of this celebration. This is an easy gluing craft for preschoolers and older children.

Dyed egg shell pieces

save and thoroughly wash egg shells (eggs are common childhood allergies) break them into little pieces in between paper towels separate them into small containers for . . . → Read More: Coloured egg shell collage

Worms in Dirt

This is a fun and yummy treat that the children get to make and enjoy!  Start by telling the children about how the worms come out of the ground after a rain. There are some good books about worms for you to read.

For the edible treat, all you need are some clear plastic cups, . . . → Read More: Worms in Dirt

Gone with the Wind

Have you ever watched small children playing outside on a windy day? They love to run and scream, stretch their arms out as if to fly.  You can harness this energy and teach the children some simple science concepts about air at the same time.  Air is invisible, but yet it fills space and moves . . . → Read More: Gone with the Wind

Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Children love to move their bodies to music. Since I like to follow the seasons and what is happening in nature, I gear my program accordingly. Spring is here so these are some quick ideas for you to put to music: . . . → Read More: Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Popcorn Tree

On a recent family trip to Virginia Beach, we saw the beautiful trees in bloom for early spring. This inspired me to write about one of my favorite spring crafts, the popcorn tree. . . . → Read More: Popcorn Tree

Make your own pizza

Each child gets to make their own “kid-sized”mini-pizza using english muffins. . . . → Read More: Make your own pizza

Birds of a feather

Kids love to manipulate objects, sort and classify things. This activity combines learning colours, matching them and making a fun craft too. . . . → Read More: Birds of a feather

Baby Animals on the farm song

Spring has sprung!! Let’s talk to the children about what is happening in nature at this time of year. Farm animals are familiar to preschoolers and I like to use the change of season as an excuse to teach the kids that babies are born in the spring. . . . → Read More: Baby Animals on the farm song