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Art Tips for Toddlers

I just finished a few weeks in a toddler room and it reminded me how frustrating it can be to accommodate  little messy hands during craft and sensory activities. Here are some tips to minimize the mess and destruction:

always use washable markers, paint and glue make sure everything is non-toxic and can be ingested . . . → Read More: Art Tips for Toddlers

Happy New Year!!!

I look forward to the New Year and plan to get some long overdue posts going. I am  committed to presenting projects that are easy and affordable for home and daycares. There are some good winter ideas on my site for you to enjoy while you are waiting.

The Kids’ Cupboard

 When my children were young, I remember a few years when they were not old enough to fend for themselves and could not reach any food in the house. I got very tired of getting up and down to fetch this snack and the other. My husband and I came up with the idea to . . . → Read More: The Kids’ Cupboard

Easter Party Ideas

It is always nice to have an excuse for a party. Preschool parties do not have to be complicated or chaotic!! Start by recruting as many volunteers to man the stations and plan your activities accordingly. Here are some ideas for your Easter party:

Easter stickers Easter washable tatoos Pin the nose on the bunny(make . . . → Read More: Easter Party Ideas

Easy Clean Crafts

There are lots of situations where you don’t want to make a mess, or don’t have time to clean up. Here are some “no fuss no muss” activities that require very little clean-up. . . . → Read More: Easy Clean Crafts

Boot and mitten matching game

This game needs a large group of kids, about 10 or more. In this game, the children go to their cubbies and get their mittens and boots. These are put in a big pile in the centre of the circle.

The game leader gives each child one boot and one mitt from the pile. On . . . → Read More: Boot and mitten matching game