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Easter Egg Hunt

I have some ideas to organize your scavenger hunt and give it a little twist. Young children tend to get over-excited at these events and when  you give the signal to find eggs, they can just run wild, knock each other over and even hog all of the eggs !! lol I like to use other things besides chocolate eggs for the children to find. The dollar store has lots of Easter goodies ( depending on the ages of the children). Things like erasers, stickers, bouncy balls, baby chicks are fun.  Plan ahead and have a certain quantity of each item per child. Children from preschool age up can count to at least five. Give each child the same amount of each item to find. For example three chocolate eggs, three chicks, three stickers. Once they have the prescribed amount, they are done. If they collect more things, they can share them with the friends who could not find all of their items. The younger the children, the easier you have to make the hunt. Put things in plain sight for all but the oldest school-agers. You can do advanced scavenger hunts for them and give clues as to where things are hidden. For toddlers, I like to fill the large plastic eggs with a toy instead of candy.

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