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Easy Clean Crafts

There are lots of situations where you don’t want to make a mess, or don’t have time to clean up. Here are some “no fuss no muss” activities that require very little clean-up.

  • Stickers – you can buy a variety of shape, size and coloured stickers at the dollar store. Give each child a blank piece of paper and some stickers and watch their imaginations create pictures!
  • Play clay – each child gets a paper plate and some coloured clay or plasticine. If they spread the clay on the plate, it will stick to make 3D art.
  • Sticky collage – buy some clear, sticky protector rolls at the dollar store. Tape pieces onto a table, sticky side up. Provide the children with various collage materials and let them stick them to the paper.¬† When they are finished, place construction paper over top, turn the whole thing over and… ¬†presto! instant picture.

The sticky collage is especially good for toddlers.

Clear Protector Roll

Clear Protector Art

Finished "picture"

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