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Father’s Day breakfast in bed with placemat craft

Father’s Day is coming and everyone loves breakfast in bed. Even young children can get involved in the planning and execution of the meal.  Ask the children what they think Daddy would like for breakfast and include fruits and items that they can assemble themselves.

Pancake Face

One of our family favorites is pancake faces (see picture). We use different fruits, chocolate chips etc. to make eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Older children can make batter from scratch and younger ones can just use a just-add-water mix.  Give each child a job ranging from setting the tray with plates and cutlery to pouring juice and assembling the pancake face. Each child can decorate their own pancake.

Homemade placemat

To make the breakfast more special, my children made placemats every year growing up. All you need is a piece of bristol board, cut to the size of a placemat and colouring or painting implements to make a picture. You can go to your local print shop to get them machine laminated or just use some clear protector and do it yourself. Writing on the picture is optional, but it is a nice touch to put the date on it, so you can look back and remember how old they were when that placemat was created.

Place setting using homemade placemat

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