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Fine Arts Fridays (Spring Dancing)

Children love to move their bodies to music.  Since I like to follow the seasons and what is happening in nature, I gear my program accordingly. Spring is here so these are some quick ideas for you to put to music (choose some rhythmic music and call out the following ‘dance moves’):

The Butterfly:

  • tell the children to wiggle around like caterpillars
  • pass out small blankets or towels and tell the children to wrap up into a small ball (cocoon)
  • “Go to sleep little caterpillars’
  • “Wake up caterpillars, you are now beautiful butterflies. Spread your wings (blankets) and fly, fly,fly!!!”

The Wind:

  • this time give the children scarves or boas (if you have neither, substitute with large pieces of tissue paper)
  • “The wind is blowing all around you, how is it moving you?” “Dance with the wind.”
  • “Pretend you are flying a kite”

Seeds into Flowers

  • Using your blankets or towels again, the children each curl up in a ball and cover their bodies
  • “You are a little seed under the ground waiting for the snow to melt”
  • “Wake up little seed, grow and stretch up to the sky”
  • “You are a beautiful flower swaying in the breeze and turning your face to the sun”

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