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Fine Arts Fridays

Whether it was my home day care , or in daycare programs that I worked in , I always dedicated Fridays to projects in Music, Drama and Dance. The kids and I both looked forward to the end of the week!! I will be dedicating my Friday blogs to giving you some fun projects to do with the children in your care. P.S. You do not have to have any talents in any particular area. I sure do not. lol  I let the children’s imaginations do all the work! Once you start a project, it is best to finish that one first before moving on the next. For example, complete a  play in a few weeks and then move on to making musical instruments. This helps the children with focus and learning to to finish what they start.

You will need to do some advance planning for these Fridays, but again you should be able to find the materials/props and costumes from what you have in your house or daycare centre.

Stay tuned next Friday for the first installment in this series! It will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears made into a play. You could start reading the story to them ahead of time.

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