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Fine Arts Fridays(playing instruments)

Ok, now you have instrumentsĀ  but what to do with them? Never fear, help is here! As I have mentioned before, no musical talent is required on your part. The children are excited to make noise!!! There are a few ways to keep order when playing, so it is not chaotic. Keep your instruments in a special trunk or box, so that when the children see that container, they know what is coming. They will all rush the bin at once-beĀ  prepared!! Pass out an instrument to each child. If you let them choose their own in the first round, there could be fights. There will always be an opportunity to change instruments later. Here are some ideas :

Mortimer by Robert Munsch has a great rhyme that is repeated over and over: Here is my modified version of that. “I’m going to loud,loud, bang, bang, rattle, bang bang make my noise all day!! The children get some energy out right away! Then take it down a notch: ” I’m going to soft, soft, shh, shh, rattle, shh, shh, let’s not make any noise.” The children whisper and play their instruments very quietly.

Play up high and down low: side to side away we go. Over my head, behind my back, quickly quickly to my toe.

The Grand Old Duke of York: The children line up with their instruments, ready for a march around the house or daycare. Play along to this popular song (click here for lyrics) and follow the instructions.

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