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Indoor “Snowball” fight

Having snowball fights in playground and school yards are prohibited, so why not pretend to have one inside? First, make two teams. Each team chooses a colour of tissue paper. Then scrunch up the paper into balls. (Don’t tell the children what the game is until the last minute. This prevents over-excitement!).

Once you have everything ready, you can collectively decide the rules of the “battle.” Older children can create various barricades with chairs or toys to hide behind. If competition is appropriate for you, make it a contest so that at the end of a certain time, whichever team has the most of their colour balls over a ‘battle line’ wins.

Instead of a battle, the activity can be modified to see how many snowballs the children can throw into a bucket or big bowl. Be sure to make it is age appropriate and the bucket is big enough and close enough to avoid frustration.

*substitute newspaper for tissue paper or whatever light paper you can find

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