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Make your own pizza

Each child gets to make their own “kid-sized” mini-pizza using english muffins. I prepare all of the ingredients in bowls ahead of time and buy the pizza sauce in a squeeze bottle.

  • give each child one or two halves of an english muffin on a plate
  • set out your prepared ingredients (use spoons for things like pineapple pieces or olives)
  • each child takes a turn squeezing the sauce on first
  • add each topping to individual tastes
  • finish with shredded mozzarella cheese if desired
  • pop into a 350° F oven until the cheese is melted

Or you can turn this into art of some kind — let the kids make faces with the food pieces, or something according to the time of year, such as halloween jack-o-lantern faces, or flowers for spring, whatever their imagination dreams up.

Here is another opportunity to wear the chef hats that we made earlier. For you home daycare providers this activity is a good opportunity to take the kids grocery shopping for the items ahead time. Put their favorite pizza items on “their” grocery lists.

Mini-pizza ingredients

Squeeze sauce

Pizza Art!

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