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More indoor games

I call this the Chair Game — a fun way to teach children directional concepts.

Arrange chairs in an open space; one for each participating child. Each child sits on a chair to begin. The leader calls out commands and the children must follow the instructions:

  • go under the chair
  • stand beside the chair
  • stand on the chair
  • go behind the chair
  • crawl through the chair
  • walk around the chair
  • walk between the chairs

Now you get the idea and can adapt your commands to any age group and ability level. This is also a good way to introduce a new language as well, by calling out the commands in the other language.

The “What is it?” Game

This game requires some preparation time. Gather some interesting household/kitchen objects into a container. The children can play this game at circle or sitting at a table. Each child takes a turn reaching for an object. The leader asks “What is that? What do you think it is used for?” If the child guesses correctly have her demonstrate what the object does. If the child is having difficulty guessing, her friends can help. Here are some suggested items to explore:

  • potato masher
  • pizza cutter
  • ice cube tray
  • can opener
  • garlic press
  • melon baller
  • rolling pin

Again this game can be adapted to what materials you have access to, ages and skill levels. Change up the game using clothing items, different foods etc. The possibilities are endless!! And… this is also a good waiting game for transitions.

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