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Salt-Dough Snowman

Kids love this simple, safe activity. For you, it’s also straightforward, uses ingredients you already have on hand, and leaves very little mess to clean up!

  1. Mix together two cups of salt, one cup of flour, and one cup of water until it becomes a soft dough. Involve the children as much as possible in the measuring, pouring, and mixing. Everyone should take a turn at each step.
  2. Give each child an equal portion of the dough.
  3. Ask the kids what their snowman should look like. Get them to divide up their dough and roll it into different sized balls.
  4. Teach them how to stack the balls into the form of a snowman.
  5. Provide various props — toothpicks, pipe-cleaners, beads, felt, straw — on the table, and ask them to decorate their snowmen. The kids will surprise you with what they can dream up and put together.
  6. Allow two days for the snowmen to fully dry, then they are ready for the children to take home!

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