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Sandbox Treasure Hunting made easy

Long, cold winter days linger on and  it is sometimes hard to come up with something new to do with the kids on days when they can’t stay outside for very long.  I was rummaging around the craft’s cupboard, when I came across some fake glass gems from the dollar store. I grabbed one and buried it outside in the sandbox. I told the preschoolers that there was buried treasure in there.  They were very excited and grabbed their shovels. That activity kept them busy for a long time and when the “diamond” was finally excavated, a cheer went up from the crowd!! There are many ways to adapt and modify the hunts. Put things in for each individual child and make them  theme specific: dinosaurs, easter,  halloween goodies, puzzle pieces, map clues to use for a scavenger hunt.   In the worst weather, move the treasure to your indoor sandbox . Stay at home caregivers can use the sand in a sandbox at your local park. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it would be fun to use heart erasers or individually packaged treats. If you do not have enough shovels for each child, just do the digging in shifts and reassure the children that each one will get a prize. It is a good lesson in impulse control and turn-taking!!

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