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Stone Soup Story Time

One of my favorite fables for young children is Stone Soup. Here is a link to a version of the story that you can read to the children. The best way to enhance this story is to have the children participate and “act-it-out.”

Gather up the food items needed, either fresh or plastic foods. Give each child or group of children a food item to hold while you are telling the story. When you get to the part, for instance, where a villager puts carrots in the pot, the child or children get up and put their food in the pot.

This an easy way to build vocabulary, either for your language or another language you are trying to teach the children.

Children listen attentively with this method of story-telling, because they are excited to play their “role”, and they love being in the spotlight for a moment while they do their part. They also like to play it over and over with different food items.

The first time you do this story, stick with the simple foods they probably all know — potatoes, carrots, peas, onions. Later repeat the story with foods they may not know, like asparagus, sweet peppers, and cauliflower. Every time you play it, you can have five new vegetables.

You can also get them to taste some of the vegetables they do not know. If you have access to a kitchen, the grand finale (for older children) is to actually make a vegetable soup.

There are a million ways you can take this. Just as an example, ask the children “what would you put in a soup” and give them old magazines to cut pictures from. Each child gets his or her own paper bowl, and pastes their pictures into the bowl for a soup they can take home.

There is no right or wrong answer for what can go in soup. Let the kids use their imaginations and see what silly soups they come up with — ice cream soup, pizza soup, etc.

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