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Summer in the Backyard made easy (Water fun)

 There is nothing better than water play on a hot summer day.  Slap bathing suits on the children, along with sunscreen and hats and you are ready to go!!!  I have some activities for the children to do in the backyard with water:

  • wash the bikes, trikes, little tikes vehicles
  • wash the inside toys in bins
  • give the rubber dollies a bath with washcloths and bubbles 
  • wash the dog
  • go in the sprinkler
  • water the garden
  • water the deck planters
  • water balloon fights
  • “paint the deck” using brushes and water
  • fill up containers and give the children funnels, spoons, measuring cups etc. for dumping and pouring
  • fill up a kiddie pool ( of course post  an adult there to supervise the children)
  • squirt gun fights and target practise
  • nerf toy battles

I hope these ideas get you started for a summer of fun!!  Also remember to have drinking water available outside.  Small children dehydrate quickly in the heat.

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