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Summer in the Backyard made easy (Getting Ready)

The summer is here!!!  June is a great month to start gathering supplies for your summer program.  As a stay-at-home parent or home-daycare provider, the park is not always an option. A secure, fenced- in backyard can provide hours of safe, relaxing summer fun.  I have compiled a list of equipment and supplies to make your summer in the backyard easier. All of the activities I will be providing in this series will use these items;  similar to the art supply list  I created at the beginning of my blogs.

I am always aware of financial concerns that you might have. Spring is garage sale time, ask family and friends for items they no longer need. Look in thrift stores — Value Village is an excellent resource. Keep an eye on store flyers. Even Toys R  Us has good pre-summer sales.

Here is my recommended  equipment/supply list:

  • hose with sprinkler attachments
  • small wading pool or turtle pool with lid
  • big blue tarps
  • picnic tablecloths
  • plastic picnic supplies and food
  • small pup tents, old sleeping bags and other camping stuff
  • old sheets and towels
  • all sizes of tupperware bins and buckets for water play
  • sidewalk chalk
  • bubbles and wands
  • all sizes of sponges
  • all sizes of paint brushes
  • big rolls of white mural paper
  • hoola hoops
  • skipping ropes
  • plastic or rubber dolls
  • kids-size picnic table with umbrella (plastic)
  • beach umbrellas
  • big empty cardboard boxes (for a playhouse)
  • bug house and magnifying glasses for collection and examination
  • old pots and pans, big spoons
  • beach toys, shovels and pails

Stay tuned for more posts on  how to use the items on this  list. Click here to subscribe for email notification of my upcoming posts.

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