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Teddy Bear Day

February can be dull and dreary!!  Teddy Bear day is a fun way to end the month and it fits right into the hibernation theme. The children dress in their jammies and bring their favorite stuffed bears to home/daycare.  Read on for some bear themed activities:

Bear head-band template

Bear Head Bands– trace the template onto bristol board and let the children decorate  their own with fluff for the fur, big googly eyes etc.

Teddy Bear Picnic– serve snack on the carpet with a fancy tablecloth and allow the stuffies to sit beside the children

Teddy Bear Contest– while the children are busy, an adult can assign each bear a special ribbon (make them ahead of time). Write things like: fluffiest bear, biggest bear, best-dressed. Make sure each one is unique. Line all of the bears up with their owners and call each child forward. Pin a ribbon on each bear. If the child brought a different stuffed animal, adjust accordingly, like cutest doggie.

Circle Time Fun– the children can stand their teddies out in front of them and sing the action song “Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around (see video below) Another fun action song is “Going on a Bear Hunt” (video below).

Storytime – I like to read Goldilocks and the three Bears, Bear Snores On
and Fuzzy Bear Goes to School.


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