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The Kids’ Cupboard

 When my children were young, I remember a few years when they were not old enough to fend for themselves and could not reach any food in the house. I got very tired of getting up and down to fetch this snack and the other. My husband and I came up with the idea to use a low cupboard in the kitchen, that the children could access themselves. They loved the independence of serving themselves and the control over food choices.

We stocked the cupboard with heathy, kid-friendly snacks that they were allowed to eat .  Some items we put in the cupboard were:

  • cereal bars
  • goldfish crackers
  • whole wheat or rice crackers
  • fruit bars or leathers
  • fruit cups
  • raisin packs
  • apple sauce
  • pudding
  • jello

To take this further, we even gave the kids a bottom shelf of the fridge. This was stocked with:

  • cheese strings
  • yogurts
  • drink boxes
  • fruit (I would keep cut-up fruit choices  on that shelf)

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