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Winter Art

Here’s a few quick ideas for winter arts and crafts:

Winter collage snowman scene

Winter day collage

Winter Day Collage
Create a winter day collage using dark construction paperĀ as the back sheet (colours like black or dark blue to contrast with the white materials). Put out white glue and sticks along with anything white, light and feathery: lace, doilies, cotton balls, confetti, tissue paper etc. for the children to glue on the paper.

Marshmallow art with toothpicks

Marshmallow Art

Marshmallow Sculptures

Create marshmallow sculptures using big andĀ little marshmallows, toothpicks and skewers. There are even coloured marshmallows available at the grocery store.

This activity requires a bit of planning because you might not have marshmallows or skewers on hand.

Salt Dough Sculptures
Salt dough sculptures are created by mixing 2 parts salt, with 1 equal part each water and flour. The children form the soft dough and place their creation on a paper plate to dry. Leave a number of days for them to air dry, or put them in the oven on 200 F for about an hour. To further the experience, you can add other items to use as props, like beads, little stones or sticks.

Salt Art Snowman

Salt Art Instant Picture

Instant picture

Make salt or flour designs by first spreading while glue on construction paper. Sprinkle the flour or salt on before the glue dries. Shake off excess and presto! Instant picture.

Sugar cube sculpture

Use bristol board, cardboard or strong paper plates for this to hold the weight. Using white glue, the children can make structures by stacking the sugar cubes together with glue in between layers. Leave enough time for the sculpture to air dry before they try to move it.

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