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Winter Nature Walk

Winter Walk Trees Towering

Towering Trees

Go on a winter nature walk with the kids. Make observations about:

  • Trees with and without leaves — why are they bare?
  • Evergreens that don’t lose their needles
  • Animal tracks — what animal do they think made it? Big or small? This leads to discussion about where certain animals are. Where are the birds, squirrels, bunnies, mice? (Hibernation is an interesting unit on its own and I will offer some ideas on that later.) What animals are still around in the winter and what do they eat?
  • Collect some branches, pine cones, evergreen boughs and make a collage when you get back.
  • Feel the snow. Is it hard, soft, wet, fluffy? Does it pack well or fall apart in your mitts?
  • Stop and make a snowman along the way.
  • Are your boots sinking in the snow or are you able to slide across it?
Winter Walk Sumac

Winter plants

Winter Walk Ducks and water

Winter Animals

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