Why does the US not use bidets?

The bidet is unhygienic Today, bidets are cheaper than ever and there is a strong environmental argument for forgoing toilet paper in favor of the bidet. So why aren’t bidets more popular in America today? When U.S. troops traveled overseas during World War II, many came face to face with bidets in unsavory places: brothels. […]

Which sensor is used in car parking?

Parking sensors with camera Responsibility for parking and other maneuvers rests solely with the driver! The electronic parking aid is a driver assistance system, but it cannot replace the driver’s attention. Due to physical limits, dead zones in object detection can also occur during ultrasonic measurement in case of poor sound reflection. For this reason, […]

What are the benefits of mobility aids?

Work incapacity in germany In this section you will find information about the different assessment procedures; what is determined by each of them and what resources, benefits or benefits can be accessed from them. The degree of disability certifies the functional limitations of a person (e.g. a hearing deficit, difficulties in walking, expressing oneself, etc.). […]

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