Are Band Aid wrappers recyclable?

In which container the glass goes

When sorting the garbage becomes recyclingHere is a list that will help you know where the main waste is disposed of.Organic fractionIt is the brown container and you can deposit the following waste in it:Light packagingIt is the yellow container and you can deposit the following waste in it:Rest fractionIt is the gray container and you can deposit the following waste in it, among others:Glass containerIt is the green container and you only have to deposit the following waste:WHAT’S WHAT?

Yellow garbage can

It is a scene that can be repeated in many households: someone with a waste in hand, hesitating between throwing it into the general waste bin or the plastic bin. If, after a few seconds of hesitation, you decide that, for example, a toothbrush has to go in the yellow garbage can because it is made of plastic, or that a broken glass should go in the green bin because it is made of glass, you are making one of the many mistakes that occur every day in the separation of household waste, warn the companies in charge of recycling.

Even if they are made of plastic, they do not go into the yellow garbage can because they are not packaging. Some of them also contain other materials, such as electrical components. The most correct thing would be to take them to a clean point (or deixalleria), since the plastics of the toys are of good quality, they can be melted and reincorporated to the productive cycle. If not, they should be thrown into the waste container. “There are also different NGOs that collect used toys for social works,” reminds Ecoembes.

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Which materials can be recycled and reused

Every day more and more people are aware of recycling: at home, at work, when they are on the street, or if they go on an outing. Today we are going to talk about where to dispose of cupcake paper. It is clear that plastic containers or plastic bottles are thrown in the yellow garbage can, but in simpler things we often make mistakes or do not know what to do, for example, do we know where to throw the muffin paper?

We could equate this type of waste to the very used paper napkins, which many people think can go to the paper and cardboard container, but it is not really the right place. We must always differentiate whether they have residues or not, since it is not the same a clean paper that one that has food residues. In this case they would always go to the rest container, which is the gray one.

To use the cardboard and paper containers it is convenient to know that here you should throw any cardboard box such as cookie boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, frozen products, egg cups, and also all kinds of paper: newspapers, books, magazines and paper bags.


Such as milk or juice cartons, soda bottles, yogurts, cleaning products, plastic wrappers, cans or aluminum trays. Other waste that you should deposit here are plastic bags, transparent film or white cork trays.

Although they can be deposited in Puntos Limpios, you can also deposit them in urban furniture specially designed for this purpose, even in the Ecopunto containers located in some municipal buildings.

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In addition, in Getafe we have 10 Puntos Limpios de Proximidad, each one is composed of 3 double modules that receive waste in completely separate containers. They are equipped with a double drum opening system and their dimensions are adapted so that they can be used by people with reduced mobility.

Are Band Aid wrappers recyclable?
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