Are flotation devices safe for toddlers?

Are flotation devices safe for toddlers?

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Good quality foam will keep your child floating on the water, but the material on the outside can be just as important. The best materials to keep your child comfortable while swimming are neoprene and polyester. Nylon products are usually cheaper, but nylon can cause chafing.

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Lifeguard for children 2 years old

That is, a six-month-old baby that is already holding its head will float perfectly with a disc in each arm. As the baby grows and gains weight, new discs are added to each arm. All six can support a weight of up to 60 kilograms and are held in place by a rubber band.

The R & P model is the best option based on the recommendations of pediatricians and specialists who advise against inflatable neck floats for babies because of the risk of puncture.

This float, for babies weighing 7 to 12 kilos, is made of a low-density foam material that is characterized by its excellent buoyancy and lightness, without needing to be inflated.

It is made of high resistance vinyl that is very pleasant to the touch and includes four air chambers whose function is to ensure flotation in case of a puncture in any of them. To solve these incidents, it includes a repair kit.

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Watch out for rip currentsReturn currents are the main reason for the intervention of lifeguards. You should not swim against them, because if you do, you will only get tired and sink, but parallel to the shore. Francisco Cano explains that this type of currents usually occur in areas where there is no swell. So, when a parent is faced with the situation of standing on the beach in an area with a little swell or calm sea, it is advisable to stand in the area with waves, as these facilitate the arrival at the shore. “In areas where there are no waves, there may be rip currents and the water instead of taking me to the shore will take me inland,” explains Cano.

Lifeguard for children 4 years old

The information is extracted from the report published by the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) and we always invite you to consult official and rigorous sources to obtain reliable and trustworthy information on these issues.

Regarding the possibility of transmission in the sand of the beach, it should be noted that “there are no studies on the prevalence of the virus in natural soils, but the combined action of sea salt, high sand temperatures and ultraviolet radiation could be favorable to inactivate pathogens”.

In other words, the safety recommendations are the same for beaches and swimming pools as for any other place: safety distance and caution when sharing objects, play accessories, etc.

It is necessary to distinguish between flotation devices, such as life jackets and anti-tip floats, which rather than falling into the category of flotation devices, would fall into the category of water toys.

Are flotation devices safe for toddlers?
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