Are hearing aids tax deductible in Canada?


If you are researching Medicare for the first time, you may be surprised to discover that it is not one type of plan, but four. Each part of Medicare (A, B, C and D) covers different medical services and has different costs.

Keep in mind that each Medicare Advantage plan is different and coverage may vary. The costs of these plans also vary, although some may offer a $0 monthly premium. It is always a good idea to review coverage and costs before enrolling in any Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Part D includes Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs). Since Original Medicare does not cover most prescription drugs, you may want to consider a Part D plan if you want to avoid high out-of-pocket drug costs.

If you are interested in finding out if Medicare is right for you, we are ready to help. Are you ready to talk to one of our Florida-licensed consultants about Medicare plans? Call us at 305-541-5366 to schedule an appointment or get more information about Medicare plans offered through Leon Health.

Personal Deductions

The delivery of the goods purchased in the Duty Free will be made in closed and sealed containers, with a copy of the sales receipt attached, which may not be opened by the passenger entering the country, until they have passed through customs control.

This exemption is not extensible to purchases made in Duty Free stores located abroad, to purchases made on board international flights, nor to passengers coming from Free Trade Zones or Free Extension Zones established in Chile.

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The temporary departure of tourist effects, i.e., those goods not included in the concept of baggage, which leave with the travelers, and which are suitable for their use or needs, such as new objects for the exclusive use of professions or trades, new or used notebooks, new professional television equipment, high-value digital cameras, new sports equipment, etc., shall be formalized by means of a “Declaration of Temporary Departure of Tourist Effects”, which shall be provided by the Service.

Deductible and non-deductible

In order to comply with tax obligations, it is necessary to know what taxes we must pay, how we can deduct expenses and thus correctly pay the corresponding amount or receive a difference. Did you know that instead of paying, you may have to receive a refund from the SAT? There are expenses that a doctor can deduct and it is worth knowing them. Of course, we will talk about this topic in another article to go deeper.

As we mentioned before, we have fiscal obligations that if not fulfilled we can be subject to costly penalties. And to avoid penalties before SAT you must comply in time and form. There are some issues that you should know first about this.

The first thing you should take into account is that according to the Income Tax Law (LISR) you are obliged to file the Annual Income Tax Return if you meet any of the following conditions:

Whereas you are exempt from filing the Annual Return if you obtained income exclusively from salaries from a single employer, as long as he/she has issued you Digital Tax Receipts by Internet (CFDI) for payroll for the totality of the income, even if such income exceeded 400 thousand pesos.

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Personal deductions examples

For information on the third stimulus package in response to the coronavirus, read the article “American Bailout Plan: What It Means for You and the Third Stimulus Check” on our blog.

Your Adjusted Gross Income is the sum of all of your taxable income, minus any adjustments that apply to that income such as contributions to a traditional IRA and interest paid on student loans.

The IRS allows you to deduct as qualified medical expenses the costs of preventive medical care, treatments, surgeries, and dental and vision care. You can also deduct visits to psychologists and psychiatrists. Prescription drugs and devices such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, dentures and hearing aids are also deductible.

To claim the medical expense deduction, you must itemize your deductions. Opting for the itemized method requires that you do not take the standard deduction, so you should only claim the medical expense deduction if your itemized deductions exceed your standard deduction (TurboTax will do this calculation for you).

Are hearing aids tax deductible in Canada?
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