Can 3 year olds ice skate?

Skaters who started late

This is one of the most famous ice rinks in CDMX. It is located in Fórum Buenavista and there is another one in the State of Mexico, specifically in Plaza Las Américas Ecatepec. The cost per session is $100 pesos and includes skates.

Another ice rink located inside a commercial plaza in CDMX is the one in Santa Fe. It is also considered one of the largest, practically an entire floor is destined to this rink.

Something that characterizes it is that it has international measures, modern walls and excellent freezing technology, which allows it to offer the highest quality ice and excellent service.

Slide with your kids in this ice rink! In this place the whole family can enjoy an unforgettable skating experience, the best thing is that if you do not know how to skate here you will find instructors to guide you (cost $65 pesos per hour).

Another of the largest ice rinks in Mexico City is located to the south. In this rink, besides having fun, you can take figure skating and field hockey lessons, the best thing is that you can take a free trial lesson so you can sign up or sign up your kids.

Ice Skating

If this is the first time you skate on ice, or simply if you have never skated before, you will surely have more than one doubt to solve. Here is a list of questions that we are frequently asked so that you can solve your doubts.

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Ice skating is very easy and fun, but you should not forget that it is a sport activity and, as such, requires proper equipment that allows you to enjoy it to the fullest without risk. For this reason, we recommend that you follow these tips:It is mandatory to wear gloves because, if you fall, your hands will help you get up. Remember that you are going to practice a sporting activity, so your body will give off more heat than usual. This means that you should not overdress, but neither should you be unprotected against the cold, as the ambient temperature on the rink is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius, so you should avoid wearing skirts or shorts, as any surface of the body that could hit the ice should be well protected. Another recommendation is the use of high and thick socks, or double socks, which will allow you to be more comfortable inside the skates.

Up to what age can skate on ice

Once he has put on the skates, explain to him that the movements he has to make are the same as those he makes when walking, with the difference that to brake he will have to rest the toe of one of the skates on the ground. He should brake only with one skate, not with both at the same time, in order to avoid falling and major accidents.

When he feels he has more control of himself, place him on the pavement and let him continue practicing. Learning to skate is exactly the same as learning to ride a bicycle, it is based on practice.

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Always put protection on his elbows, knees and head because he is sure to fall repeatedly. It is very important that vital parts, such as the head, are well protected. When he falls, try to let him get up on his own, so he will also learn to control the skates more.

there are already skates that prevent falls, even if it is the first time you put on skates, because they control your balance instantly and slow down enough to prevent the fall, until you regain your balance, you can not fall without wanting to, you will have to throw yourself. you will learn how to skate in 1 minute.

Can 3 year olds ice skate? del momento

In the 1,200 meters of the ice rink in Plaça Catalunya there is room for 350 skaters. It has a giant screen on which images are projected and a cafeteria which, among other things, offers the star drink of the ice skaters: Chocolate with churros.

Located between the metro stations Collblanc (L. 5) and Palau Reial (L. 3) the Barça ice rink has been the scene of international ice hockey tournaments, figure skating… among others. The rink measures almost 1600 square meters and the enclosure has a cafeteria, skate rental…

Opening hours: Weekends and holidays from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm and from 5.00 pm to 8.30 pm. Monday to Thursday from 10.00 to 18.00 hours. Fridays from 10.00 to 14.00 hours and from 16.00 to 20.00 hours. During school vacations the usual schedule is extended.

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Can 3 year olds ice skate?
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