Can you get help with a mobility bed?

Reclining beds

It is true that they are specially designed for elderly or sick people, with a significant limitation in their movements. But their objectives go further, as they are also indicated for people with sports injuries or as a result of an accident. They are used to improve their convalescence. In any of the cases, to enjoy greater independence in their daily lives.

Articulated beds for the elderly who are not sick, have problems with their mobility and spend a lot of time in bed become a perfect ally for them to have greater autonomy and thus improve their self-esteem. It also benefits the work of cleaning, feeding and handling, in general, of the elderly, by their caregiver, without having to make great efforts and take bad postures.

Un sistema que ayuda a levantarse a las personas con movilidad reducida

Se deben llevar a cabo los siguientes pasos al voltear al paciente:Es posible que necesite repetir los pasos 4 y 5 hasta que el paciente esté en la posición correcta. Cuando el paciente esté en la posición correcta

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Bed raising aids

Lightweight wheelchairs, steel and aluminum, with reinforced seat up to size XXL. Conventional wheelchair model for elderly and dependent persons. With armrests and foot platforms. The best measure of mobility for the elderly.

These special wheelchairs for the elderly have the maximum comfort, both for the person with limited mobility, as for the wearer. Designed for difficult and narrow spaces -such as elevators or doorways- this special chair allows 360° rotation and comfortable and adjustable postures.

Ask for your help to have articulated beds with elevating trolley for the elderly. Beds with elevation control, variable height and motor drive. They have a sturdy platform with four wheels for comfortable and safe movement. Perfect for improving the incorporation with less effort.

Electric articulated bed base available in various sizes. Reinforced beds with three joints and four planes. Manual control of the elevation. Perfect for elderly people who need help in bed. Comfort, well-being and health for the elderly at home.

How to order an articulated bed

Source: Order 1/2005, of January 4, 2005, regulating the granting of aid to persons with disabilities. Order 2/2007, of April 17, 2007, of the Regional Ministry of Youth, Family and Social Services, which amends Order 1/2005, of January 4, 2005, regulating the granting of aid to people with disabilities.

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However, applications will be admitted for processing when it is accredited to have requested the recognition of degree more than three months prior to the application for aid, being conditioned the resolution of the file to the opinion issued by the Base Center for the Disabled.

Not having the applicant or the family unit of coexistence of income or patrimony that indicates the existence of sufficient means to attend the necessity for which the aid is requested, in the terms demanded in article 6 of the Order that appears in the source of the aid.

Can you get help with a mobility bed?
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