Do adhesive bandages have latex?

Kinesiologic self-adhesive elastic bandage

The bandaging technique is very old and since then it has been used to support dressings, compress injured sites in acute phase and provide preventive support when the patient, after an injury, begins to reintegrate to his daily life activities.

In capsulo-ligamentous trauma (instability and sprains), tendinopathies, muscular pathologies and with limited neuromuscular control of an articular segment. For example: cervical sprains, alterations in scapular positioning when performing a gesture with the upper limb, also in people who have poor posture, among others.

Although they exist in different colors, this is not something more than aesthetic since there are no differences in terms of resistance or elastic capacity, it is argued that there is an associated psychological component, adds the kinesiologist.

It is important that it is done by a kinesiologist, since it is not only a matter of putting the bandage in the appropriate direction with the necessary tension, but also of respecting the principles of biomechanics of the human body.

Bandages that stick

Latex is also called rubber. It is a product obtained from the sap of a tree, called in Latin Hevea brasiliensis. This liquid is subjected to several industrial processes, with heat and various chemical products. After these processes, latex, rubber is obtained. Its use is very widespread nowadays, due to its physical qualities (resistance, flexibility and impermeability), which is why it is found in many products used on a daily basis. In general, hard forms of rubber release less allergens than objects made of elastic and thin-walled material.

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Contact can be direct, i.e. touching or being touched by latex objects or inhaling (breathing in) particles floating from latex objects, e.g. blowing up latex balloons or being examined by a doctor wearing latex gloves.

Contact may also be indirect, e.g. eating food that has been handled by a worker wearing latex gloves, contact with a person who has been blowing up balloons.

Chiropractic bandages

It is easily applied and allows the bandage to be corrected once it is in place. It exerts high adhesive force, which provides therapeutic security, ensuring that the bandage will not move or lose strength over a long period of time.

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Adhesive elastic bandages

Neuromuscular bandaging or kinesiotaping is a bandaging technique performed with an elastic, breathable and light bandage made of braided cotton thread in the form of a tape, called kinesiology tape. This type of bandage is used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation to treat different types of ailments and pathologies.

Neuromuscular taping with kinesiology tapes helps muscle function without limiting movement, maintaining adequate blood and lymphatic circulation. It is increasingly used by different professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists or rehabilitation doctors.

One side has a hypoallergenic adhesive to adhere to the skin of the area to be treated. This adhesive is arranged in a wave form to favor its adherence to the skin and facilitate perspiration.

Kinesiotaping can also be used as a complement to other types of rehabilitation or aesthetic treatments. For example, in lymphatic drainage techniques to eliminate cellulite, if kinesiological tapes are subsequently applied to the area, the drainage will be much greater during the following days.

Do adhesive bandages have latex?
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