Do hearing aids need to be recalibrated?

Do hearing aids need to be recalibrated?

How to put on a hearing aid

It is essential that a hearing aid works properly so that the person can hear correctly all the sounds that surround him/her. However, sometimes the subject may hear whistling, annoying noises, louder and higher pitched sounds. When this happens it is necessary to calibrate the hearing aid.

Since the hearing aid is a digital technology, the calibration is performed by a speech therapist using a computer and software. This requires the patient’s audiometric information.

The calibration takes into account: loud sounds, soft sounds, the patient’s own voice, and the aim is to reduce background noises. It also provides for speech and listening situations of everyday life of the individual.

For this reason, Beltone offers the technology of “Remote Care” or Remote Assistance* that allows connecting the patient with the speech therapist directly through an application installed on your cell phone. In this way, it allows adjustments to be made to the hearing aid without the person having to move.

How to fix hearing aids for the deaf

You are probably tired of having to stop the activity of your hearing center because you have to perform the annual calibration of your audiometer. If you think that the solution to this problem is to have a spare audiometer, keep reading, you will be interested!

Calibration of audiometers is necessary to ensure diagnostic quality over time. To recalibrate a conventional audiometer it is necessary to send the audiometer to the calibration laboratory or send a technician with the necessary instruments: laboratory sound level meter (Class 1) with its microphones, artificial ear and artificial mastoid.

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For the first time you have an audiometer in which you can calibrate and verify separately the functioning of the transducers (airway headphones, bone vibrator, insert earphones and high frequency headphones) and the functioning of the audiometer.

Finally, our calibration laboratory or that of our official distributors have an optimal calibration system for our transducers with all the guarantees of the manufacturer’s calibration laboratory.

Why a hearing aid sounds

Nowadays the use of headphones for different mobile and fixed devices has become popular. It is difficult to find a user who does not have at least one type of speaker. That is why this brief guide comes to solve basic doubts about how to adjust the volume of headphones and why it is something important that you should take care of.

On Apple computers adjusting the headphone volume is a bit more complicated and very necessary because the sound has a very different volume if you listen to it through the headphones or without them. In this way you must click on the apple logo icon (apple drawing) on the top left of the screen of your device and in the options that will give you click on System Preferences.

Perhaps this is not the most relevant factor as to why it is important to adjust the headphone volume. However, it is the main reason why most users do it. Admittedly, having to adjust the headphone volume frequently is a nuisance on devices where it cannot be done by pressing a button or a dial. It is therefore advisable to leave them at a mid-point that is comfortable to use. A very low headphone volume forces us to make an important effort. Sometimes it prevents us from hearing what we want to hear well due to external noises and louder sounds. On the other hand, a very high headphone volume can be extremely annoying for the user. The ideal is one that allows you to hear what you want to hear properly without forcing you to move it away from your ears.

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Calibrating studio headphones

A headphone is an electronic device worn in or behind the ear. It amplifies certain sounds, and making them louder makes them easier to hear. Thus, a person with hearing loss can hear more clearly, communicate better and participate more fully in the activities of daily living. Hearing aids can help many people hear better in quiet or noisy environments. However, only one in five people who would benefit from wearing hearing aids use them.

If you think you have a hearing loss and that wearing hearing aids may help, talk to your doctor. In turn, your physician may refer you to an otolaryngologist or audiologist. An otolaryngologist is a physician who specializes in ear, nose and throat disorders (ear, nose and throat doctor, ENT). The otolaryngologist will investigate the cause of your hearing loss. The audiologist is a hearing health professional who will evaluate you to identify what type of hearing loss you have and how severe it is.

Do hearing aids need to be recalibrated?
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