Do people with pots need mobility aids?

Do people with pots need mobility aids?

Support for common pots

Beds: the height has to be adapted to the wheelchair, about 50 cm. Gradual bed in position and height. They are called mechanical or electric bed That we can put accessories how: handrails or side rails, ladder to facilitate the ascent to the bed, subject to the bedding. Between the bed and the wall there should be 80 to 100cm of separation and at the foot of the bed 1’80cm of distance.

Features: Amplitude of the room, for the mobility of the wheelchair / Alarm bell / non-slip floor, also inside the shower / eye drains to the floor / Adaptations to the toilet bowl (how can be extended), at the same height of the chair / Fences / Handrails / Handholds /

Material attachable to the wheelchair: (armrests, footrests, ensure that the foot is not in “equine” position) headrests, urinals, lateral ear muffs, brake extension for wheelchairs.

Standing wheelchair: Allows standing by the normal or electric system. They can be foldable and removable. There are several options or complements that can be adapted. These chairs are designed to fulfill two functions:

Common pots in times of pandemic

The solidarity organizations, far from slowing down their humanitarian work, are these days – and weeks – restructuring human and economic resources and implementing measures to face the situation and, above all, to leave no one behind.

The Red Cross has also made its human and logistical resources available to the health authorities, including 100 ambulances for the mobilization of those affected, the construction of 100 temporary hospital infrastructures; 42 psychosocial intervention teams; the assembly of accommodation for 3,000 homeless people; 5,000 personal protection kits, and the distribution of 20,000 blankets and 9,000 kits with basic products.

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BBVA, for its part, is raising funds through Bizum donations -quick transfers- for the Red Cross. And elite athletes such as Rafa Nadal and Pau Gasol have already announced their support for Cruz Roja Responde and have encouraged other elite athletes and civil society to join their efforts via video.

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“The Ministry of Health also helps us a lot, because through the health jurisdictions, people who require support are recruited. This government works hand in hand so that the benefits reach those who need them most”, she pointed out in the presence of some of the people who received the support.

The state official said that they have had a hard time gaining the trust of the people, because during past administrations they asked them for their data and promised the supports, but never delivered them. “We are gaining the trust of the people, who see that now we are delivering the benefits,” he stressed.

“But the icing on the cake is that we have already authorized 500 cataract surgeries, which will be performed starting in September, so we are already coordinating with the Ministry of Health, with private foundations, and with the state DIF, to have everything ready and benefit these people,” he emphasized.

He highlighted that during 2020, 361 hearing aids, 946 frames, 570 wheelchairs, 31 PCI and 4 PCA, 172 canes, 40 crutches, 114 walkers, 30 knee prostheses, five hip prostheses, two breast prostheses and two expanders were delivered to low-income people.

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An accessible home guarantees autonomy, safety, dignity, comfort and time saving, not only for the people who live in it, but also for those who visit it. A person with a disability, in addition to finding a house appropriate to his or her situation, should be able to attend any family or friends gathering without difficulty, which will undoubtedly contribute to his or her full social integration.

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Each of the rooms must have an accessible entrance and door, and must be connected through corridors that allow a person with reduced mobility to circulate and access the rooms.

The interior of the rooms must have comfortable, safe, functional and user-friendly furniture and facilities. The location of switches, sockets and thermostats should be evaluated, as well as their easy location.

Windows should not be heavy, should be easy to open and, if possible, automated, and should not invade circulation areas. Blinds can be motorized up and down.

Do people with pots need mobility aids?
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