Do revision guides help?

Types of review

Really studying is the mastery of skills, abilities and techniques that are learned through exercises and that will allow us to reach the proposed objective with total success, to overcome the school tests and to learn to learn.

Sometimes we see students who do not achieve academically satisfactory results, and this is because they do not have organization and because they do not know techniques and resources that can help them improve their work performance and facilitate the study of their subjects.

The issue of school failure is obviously a matter of concern. Numerous studies and investigations confirm that in many cases there is a high percentage of students who have learning problems because they do not have correct study habits.

1º – General reading of the text: Read the text to get an overview of the topic and see what relationship it has with the topics studied previously. It is also important to notice and read the title of the text, since it helps to understand it better. Reading is the most important practice for studying. It is the preliminary step, the general way to get in touch with a topic.

Review features

This app, available on Android and iOS, allows students to manage time by setting study periods and interspersing a series of breaks. Also, you can block those applications on the mobile that can be distracting, such as messaging apps or social networks or even the option to disable the Internet. It is also possible to analyze the time spent on each of the activities by checking the start and end times.

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The Educaweb website proposes a series of strategies to promote concentration among students. To this end, it offers various tips for students to be able to fix their attention on the content they have to study. It highlights the body control through breathing, reading other writings that are not related to the study or fix your eyes on an object for a couple of minutes to exercise and prepare the mind, among other issues.

Fun and dynamic. This is the decalogue that you will find on the GoConqr website, a space that provides students with tools of interest to achieve the best possible results: worksheets, tests, slides, calendars, flowcharts… In this link we show you, its author (Diego Santos) suggests the technique of underlining, making your own notes or how to create a mind map. There are also study sheets, the implementation of practical exercises or the brainstorming group study technique.

Importance of the review

In Mexico, only 1 out of every 3 high school graduates is able to enter university. While there are factors such as economic or social factors, it is also true that the lack of preparation of students influences when studying for a degree.

Therefore, so that the entrance exam is not an obstacle, in this article we present you all the topics of the university study guide, in addition to sharing online material so you can consult it for free.

One of the first steps you need to follow to ensure your admission to college is to know which is the admission test applied by the institution you want to enter. Then, it is very important that you carefully review the syllabus to know which subjects you should study.

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Depending on how much time you have and the length of the syllabus, you may have to prioritize the subjects that are difficult for you. Start by solving this simulation test and find out what your weaknesses are in the college entrance exam.

Examples of study guides

Study techniques or study strategies are different perspectives applied to general learning.[1] There are a variety of study techniques, which can focus on the process of organizing, taking and retaining new information, or passing tests. These techniques include mnemonics, which aid in the retention of lists of information, and effective note-taking.[2] It is a formulated way that this can be done in a variety of ways.

It is a way of formulating that in this way and under this denomination, techniques directly involved in the study process itself are integrated and grouped; such as the planning of such activity, underlining, summarizing, elaboration of schemes, review, among others; as well as other strategies that have a more complementary character, such as note taking or the realization of school work.

More broadly, a technique that improves a person’s ability to study and pass exams can be called a study technique, and this can include time management and motivational techniques.

Do revision guides help?
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