Does Breathe Right Work?

Nasal dilators work

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Breathe right what is it for

Good morning, I hope you have started the week well. Today I bring a test entry. I have been selected by The Insiders to test the Breathe Right nasal strips.    After a few days of using them I can already give an opinion about them.

Each Breathe Right nasal strip consists of two patented flexible plastic strips, which gently open the nasal passages helping you breathe better. They should be worn for a maximum of 12 hours at a time.

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I happened to have constipation and was sleeping very badly. I always have a sore throat when I get a cold and because my nose was blocked, I was sleeping with my mouth open, which made me wake up terribly. I have tried these strips and I have been able to sleep better because when you put the strip on your nostrils open and you breathe much better.

I thought that these strips were only for snoring (which they also are), I was surprised by the different uses we can give them and the good results they give, especially for those days when we can not sleep because of the cold.

Nasal strips contraindications

The operation of these Breathe Right nasal strips is very simple. Just place them correctly, across the outside of the nose. The ends are glued together and the inner parallel bandages will try to straighten. This will cause an immediate movement on both sides of the nose, lifting them up. What is achieved is that the nasal valve has more space for more air to enter. It is the simplest method to get breathing to improve and snoring to disappear or be drastically mitigated.

Nasal strips for what it is used for

The delivery time of our products in the peninsula is 24-48 hours after the order is placed and confirmed. The delivery is made through SEUR during the day after the order is processed. For shipments to islands the delivery time is 72 hours.

How Breathe Right Nasal Strips work: Each Breathe Right Nasal Strip consists of two flat parallel plastic bandages encased in a special glue pad. When properly placed across the nose, the bandages attempt to straighten – gently lifting the sides of the nose, widening the space in the nose (nasal valve) and immediately making it easier to breathe.

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Does Breathe Right Work?
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