Does MAC Cosmetics invest in the community?

Mac cosmetics marketing strategy

This is the Academy where I would have liked to be trained when I started as a professional make-up artistHello! My name is Isabel Izquierdo and I am the creator of the first Spanish-speaking community of make-up artists. I studied law and unintentionally became a professional makeup artist.

Since 2014 I help my clients and students do makeup like never before and live from their passion. I have trained with brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome and L’oreal. I have worked with great artists from the world of film and television, such as Mina El Hammani from the Netflix series, Elite.

You receive a first email with the confirmation of your payment and then another one to confirm your subscription to the Academy. After that you will be able to immediately access the platform and see all the classes that are already there and sign up for the next ones live every Sunday.I will also give you immediate access to our exclusive app for MUA Academy alumnae.

It’s totally online and you will be able to watch all our classes live and then watch them as many times as you want. You will also be able to access all previous classes that have been taught prior to your enrollment.


Sprinkle of Shine Kit is a kit of gloss and a finishing powder in shades of pink (more like a blush with shimmer) and gold along with the 143ses medium face fan brush. It is priced at 69 euros 58.65 euros.

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A face palette like this one that we flipped us can be a great acquisition. We are talking about the Ignite Wonder Palette with six perfect illuminators for all skin tones and it is ideal. It is now priced at 60euros 45 euros.

You already know that Patrick Starrr has created several collections of makeup with MAC so we love to see that their products can also buy them with succulent discounts, like this kit consisting of a palette of shadows with 4 shades and a retro matte liquid lipcolour with a price of 51 euros 38.25 euros.

Or, for those of you who like more neutral colors, why not the Kit of last summer also from Patrick Starrr that includes from bronzing powder, to two shades of sandy lipglass and a palette of four shadows with a price of 75 euros 56.25 euros.

Marketing plan mac cosmetics

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to tell you all this. It’s been so long since I’ve been to duty free! hehe. But now I definitely know that on my next trip I will take the opportunity to buy several things in the Duty Free and I will pick them up on my return.

Today’s look I owe you from the last post…. This is what I wore to the inauguration of the renovated Duty Free.    A day event at the airport… I wasn’t really convinced what to wear so I opted for something semi-formal =)

The material used for the skirts is 100% sheep wool, like laneton or bayetilla. However, they are also made with polyester, for when the hot weather calls for it. They are available for all ages and seasons, so there’s no excuse not to have one =)

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The brand also offers other products such as: bags, vanities, jackets, gloves, cushion and bed covers and also laptop covers. Of course, all with amazing embroidery applications.

The Peruvian market is growing and our country has become an interesting scenario for all brands.    This is how the MAC Cosmetics team’s statement began when they announced today MAC’s expansion plans in our country.

Competencia de mac cosmetics

RESULTADO: Atrajo la atención de muchas personas ya que estaban mostrando a una persona que engloba la diversidad que tenemos como humanos. Amplio el target de la marca e hizo que mucha gente los aplauda por tomar un riesgo.

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Does MAC Cosmetics invest in the community?
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