Does private health cover hearing aids?

Bilateral digital hearing aids

The Loreto Assistance Network of the Social Health Insurance purchased 76 medicated hearing aids, which are being delivered to patients with chronic hearing impairment, who would have lost the ability to hear because of their advanced age, the aging of the inner ear and congenital.

This was informed by Dr. Luis Celis Escudero, Manager of the Loreto Network, who indicated that this benefit was made possible with an investment of more than 46 thousand soles in the acquisition of modern devices.

The hearing aids were manufactured according to each diagnosis, as well as to the needs of the patients, most of whom required hearing aids for both ears. Thus, the new electronic devices allow patients to have a better perception of sounds, improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

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The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reports that of the 27 million people in the United States who could benefit from wearing a hearing aid, only 6 million actually have one. Presumably, a large percentage of these people do not have a hearing aid because they imagine they are too expensive, and many have never even had hearing tests for fear that audiometric evaluations are too expensive. For this reason, it’s important to know how your insurance can help you get the most out of your treatment. Your insurance coverage could include the cost of your hearing tests and even cover the cost of the hearing aids themselves.

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If you’ve decided to invest in a hearing aid, it’s important to talk about finances. Insurance can be a game-changing factor in your purchase of the hearing aid you need. Some insurance plans cover audiometric evaluations and testing, and even discounts on hearing aids. Most Medicare Part C plans offer coverage related to hearing aids and testing.

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Within this framework, the Institute conducted a survey of all the proceedings entered since 2017 and which as of 2020 were pending resolution. These delays in the proceedings, have generated greater difficulties for people with hearing problems.

In order to resolve these delays and immediately guarantee the right of affiliates to benefits, IOMA conducted a survey of each of the particular cases of claims and ordered about 1,000 procedures related to various hearing pathologies that were in administrative instances.

Among other complaints, those who had been requesting a hearing aid stated that not only did the procedure take too long, but at the same time, what was approved was not necessarily adequate. The modification of Resolution 3287/16, comes to solve these inconveniences for people who have the right to be included in the world of sound. Precisely, the social-auditory inclusion will generate the adequate incorporation to the sound world, establishing a better communication.

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Otoaudio hearing center is a member of the Belsound Centers Network. Belsound is a network of hearing health experts that seeks to offer a professional and quality alternative to people with hearing problems. Belsound is not a chain or a franchise, but a place where you can find the best expert for the care of your hearing.

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The hearing centers and medical professionals that make up the Belsound network of hearing specialists have been carefully selected based on strict criteria of professionalism, reputation and good practice, with the objective of guaranteeing an optimal solution to the treatment of any aspect related to hearing.

Does private health cover hearing aids?
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